A Firm Value

At CEB, one of our firm values is Stewardship of Exceptional Talent. We are passionate about continuously learning and sharpening our skills, and we offer an array of opportunities—both structured and informal—to do so.

A Strong Start

On your first day, we will teach you about CEB and begin building your networks through an orientation session. Soon after, your manager will provide an onboarding plan to train you on department-specific systems and to help you understand how your role contributes to firm-wide success.

You may even participate in the six-month CEB Foundations or Sales and Service Professional Development programs to help you build core business skills.

Strengthen Your Skills

Whether you’re a new hire or a seasoned professional, there is always room to grow at CEB. We encourage staff to build personal development plans based on different learning methods, including classroom, e-learning, and on-the-job training.

Through CEB University, we offer courses for a variety of skills, including management style, ethical leadership, root-cause analysis, and communication. One program, CEB Scholars, is offered to select high-performing staff members interested in pursuing a graduate degree part-time while working at the firm.

Meaningful Mentoring

Many of us recall having a good coach who helped to propel us forward and pushed us to be better. Part of our culture includes an apprenticeship model in which we offer coaching, on-the-job learning, mentoring, and support from peers and management.

Our mentoring program links junior-level staff to more experienced employees from outside of their direct reporting line. The desire to help others in their professional development can be contagious—many of our newer staff members eventually become mentors too!

Best-in-Class Assessments

We know that the best companies strive to improve individual performance and continue advancement. CEB encourages active, thoughtful participation from staff members to help them reach their goals and unlock their potential.

Each employee receives a formal annual review and, with the help of a manager, creates an individual development plan focusing on continued career growth.

The best way to develop as a leader is to teach others. This teaching posture not only supports our culture as a teaching enterprise, but ensures we extract and pass along our key learnings to future leaders of CEB.