Comprehensive Care

With 4,500 employees across 61 global offices, we offer an array of competitive, location-specific opportunities for benefits.

In the US, our core health, dental, and vision coverage go into effect on your first day of employment. Coverage supports the mental and physical health needs of staff members and their families, and the plans include preventive care and medical reimbursement accounts.

What Are My Options?

Although our benefit plans vary across the globe, they may include retirement savings, pension schemes, contributions to social plans, or 401(k) matching, as well as accident and disability insurance. For parents and parents-to-be, we also offer family leave policies and/or health care benefits.

For all job seekers, we strongly encourage that you discuss coverage options for your country with your local recruiter.

Life Outside of Work

We offer paid time off so that our staff can enjoy life outside of the office and paid holidays, which vary by country.

  • Australia: 20 days of annual leave.
  • India: 18 days of paid leave and seven days of casual leave.
  • United Kingdom: 25 days of annual leave.
  • United States: New staff members accrue 19 days of annual paid time off (PTO). After two years of tenure, you can accrue 24 days of PTO each year.

Discounts on Things You Love

CEB offers US and UK staff a variety of programs to save you money on some of the things you love, such as computers, retail shopping, restaurants, movie tickets, gym memberships, travel, and much more.

CEB Benefits - Breathe Deep DC

Volunteering Is Encouraged

Our fast-paced work environment also serves as a space to build friendships and enrich our staff’s personal lives. Employees often attend CEB-hosted social events and join peer groups or teams based on their individual interests.

The Spirit of Generosity is one of our firm values and we regularly offer opportunities for staff to live up to it. Each year, we host Global Impact Day and, in 2015, will extend this day into a week-long celebration of getting out and giving back. Additionally, through our daytime volunteer policy, staff (in some locations) may take up to 40 hours of paid leave to engage in volunteer work.