Discover Big Ideas in Business

High-quality research is at the heart of what we do at CEB, and it’s been the basis for best-selling books, executive retreats, webinars, and case studies. Our findings change executive thinking and how businesses are run, and they are often quoted by top media sources, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review.

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What Does It Take to Succeed?

If you are excited about how the world works, are an academic at heart, and want to influence the ways in which organizations behave, CEB may be right for you. We are looking for researchers who think differently, have a passion for social sciences, have a track record of end-to-end research, and will enjoy working in a fast-paced, ever-evolving work environment.

What Will You Do at CEB?

As someone motivated by ideas, you will seek to understand our members’ most complex business challenges and apply focused research methodologies to solve them. You will conduct root-cause analyses, literature reviews, and executive interviews to test, identify, and recommend the best actionable solutions.

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Experienced and Early Career Roles

We’re looking for collaborative thinkers to join us as:

  • Research Analysts
  • Quant Analysts
  • Research Consultants (master’s and/or PhD preferred)
  • Research Directors

What Will You Research?

CEB’s research targets business issues within corporate functions, including Human Resources, Finance, Strategy, Operations, Legal, Sales and Marketing, and Information Technology. We also serve financial institutions and government entities. The challenges that many of these organizations face are often common across industries.

Our research community creates hypotheses and then digs deep to uncover best practices and actionable insights that can transform individuals, teams, companies, and the world.