Bring Ideas to Life Through Collaboration

Once our researchers have discovered the big ideas to solve complex business problems, the Product team brings those strategic insights to life. We develop products based on our intellectual property that the world’s biggest companies care about. We develop products that our members can use without having to bring in a team of expensive consultants.

Scalable Innovation

CEB’s suite of products includes Leadership Academies, training programs, online assessments, diagnostic tools, Leadership Councils, and other actionable solutions that allow heads of corporate functions to transform their organizations. Through product development, we can answer the member question, “How can you help me?”

What Will You Do at CEB?


As a member of the Product community, you will follow a unified development process to create products with distinctive capability. A typical day could include meeting with members, identifying unmet market needs, designing new or enhancing existing offerings, testing new products, or developing go-to-market strategies.

Your challenge will be to encourage innovative thinking and lead multiple projects, in a way that is timely, scalable, and profitable for the firm.

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What Does It Take to Succeed?

The bar for talent is set very high at CEB, and our Product community is no exception. Successful members of this team are skilled at moving cross-functional, diverse work groups down a path to create products that have market value. Their days are fast-paced and varied and require them to encourage new ideas, collaborate with others, use their strong program management skills, and embrace change to drive business outcomes.