Growth Creates Opportunities

Connecting—that is what information technology does for CEB. It connects our staff to one another, to our more than 10,000 member companies, and to the world.

IT at CEB is growing rapidly, and for top performers who want to create, innovate, and lead, this is a very exciting time to join our firm. This growth is spurring an entrepreneurship culture that will allow you to work with Big Data, develop global products, learn new technologies, and advance your IT career.

Culture of Innovation

As a product-based company known for its data and unique insights, our customers have set high standards for what we produce and how we deliver it to them. At CEB, you will be given the opportunity to tackle challenging projects, take calculated risks, and work with a diverse team of colleagues to unlock your potential.

I like that CEB is a multinational company that respects and values employees for their talents.


ARUN, Corporate IT

Unified Global Team

Approximately 400 people work in IT at CEB offices across the world, including the Washington, DC, area; Atlanta, Georgia; London; Delhi; and our newest hub, Chennai. Together, we work to relentlessly deliver product-based IT solutions that meet the demands of our business and our clients, both internal and external.

Leading Through Technology

When it comes to technology, we focus on aligning our growing IT needs with those of our business, people, and members. Depending on your area of expertise, you could be improving the online user experience, beta testing a new product, keeping data secure, or consolidating platforms.

Our teams work with cutting-edge technologies such as Java, .NET, JIRA, Hadoop, Salesforce, VMware, Cisco, Selenium, Innotas, and various Microsoft technologies.