Teach the Insights Executives Need

Within CEB’s program and practice areas—including Finance, Government, Sales and Marketing, Information Technology, Human Resources, and others—our Advisory community teaches the groundbreaking and disruptive ideas discovered by our researchers.

Advisors often serve as the face of the firm, relentlessly delivering value to CEB members and helping us become one of the most trusted resources for business leaders. They are influential communicators who apply their expansive knowledge of CEB research to help resolve high-value business issues for the world's best companies.

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What Will You Do at CEB?

CEB represents an unparalleled collection of best practice research, which is delivered through various channels to more than 10,000 global organizations and 300,000 business professionals. Through consultative discussions, advisory team members diagnose the key challenges our members face and map them to the right product or solution.

Our advisory team expertly delivers CEB insights via workshops and exclusive webinars, consults with member organizations, and speaks at executive retreats, industry conferences, and learning events. The more you advance your career, the more potential you will have to travel and influence the world’s leading executives.

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What Does It Take to Succeed?

Colleagues within our Advisory community take our global research and teach actionable ideas that help our members transform their approach to business. They are excellent communicators who have exceptional analytical skills, and ensure that CEB members realize the full value of their membership by leveraging our products and tools against key functional challenges.

Successful advisors are adept at understanding and engaging C-suite executives. They are strong project managers who can build credibility with our members, are comfortable speaking in front of large and small audiences, and are passionate about learning and teaching bold ideas.