Meet Jen

What excites you the most about your career at CEB?
It's the people that keep me here—both colleagues and clients. It's an unparalleled level of talent! I also think of the thousands of clients and client conversations I've been able to affect. What other place offers that kind of access and ability to impact global business leaders?

How do you keep a balance between home life and work?
I have two children and a husband who works full time, so time is my most precious commodity. Family dinners are sacred for us. CEB's outcome-oriented culture makes me feel comfortable shifting around my working hours to make it home for dinner with the family.

How has CEB impacted your personal growth?
CEB put me through a development program to teach me how to be an effective non-profit board member. It was the most unique and memorable piece of professional development I've ever participated in, and it contributed directly to enriching a part of my life that is not work-related.

Meet Helen

What originally brought you to CEB? What keeps you at CEB?
I was intrigued by the business model. I had previously worked for a more traditional technology-based consulting firm, so it was really exciting to see a business based on the value of ideas and networking. The opportunity to grow with the firm, to take on greater responsibility, and to have a diverse career path as the business has progressed have kept me here.

What has been your "wow" moment at CEB?
I recently managed the local rollout of the firm’s succession planning process for EMEA commercial staff. I was so proud to see the time and importance our senior leadership team devoted to this. We had thoughtful conversations around how to identify and develop the future leaders within the firm, and it was obvious how much the team cared about this.

Do you have a mentor or a mentee? If so, what type of relationship do you have?
I have worked closely with the Executive Director of EMEA for the last few years on some really challenging projects. He has taught me to think creatively about business problems and given me thoughtful career advice. Our relationship is informal; I feel like I can swing by his office almost any time. He challenges my thinking and allows me to challenge his, which is very motivating.

Meet Michelle

Why did you choose to join CEB?
CEB was an attractive place to work because it had accomplished so much in 25 years without the benefit of a marketing function. Typically, the most significant challenge every services business grapples with is the "disconnect" between marketing and sales. My role was created specifically to mitigate that disconnect. How much more exciting can a marketer's job get?

How is CEB different from other companies where you have worked?
The people at CEB are the smartest I've ever worked with and also the most intrinsically motivated to perform with excellence in all aspects of their lives. I've worked for many companies, and that intrinsic motivation is rare.

How do you keep a balance between home life and work?
I've always struggled to maintain work–life balance, but it's easier for me at CEB. I have confidence that my team members will follow through and maintain a commitment to quality, so I have time and energy for activities outside of work.

Meet Charlie

Why did you choose to work for CEB?
I was impressed with CEB's culture and the people that I met while interviewing. The people I met made it clear that it wasn't just, “what can you do for us,” but “what can we do for you.” Professional development was also a big theme in the interview process, and I am happy to say that has rung true throughout my time here.

What has been the most influential comment a member has made to you?
The comment that consistently impresses me is, “You helped me do something that I didn't think was possible.” It’s not that members don't know what their issues are but rather they just don't expect to be able to tackle the solutions on their own.

What have you found to be different in the San Francisco office compared to DC?
It is a lot smaller, but that is also what makes it great. In DC, it is easy to get caught up only in the excitement and workings of your practice and floor. The size of the San Francisco office forces you to meet and interact with teams from across the firm on a daily basis, helping to unearth internal best practices from your peers.

Meet Robert

Why did you choose to work for CEB?
I had just moved back to DC while working as a freelance artist, and a friend mentioned that CEB was looking to recruit creative talent to produce work for Fortune 500 executives. Years later, I am still here thanks to the continual opportunity to grow and participate in an environment filled with great people, where everyone's ideas are taken seriously.

How has CEB impacted your personal growth?
Although I come from a traditional art background, CEB has afforded me the chance to expand my breadth of expertise in a number of areas, such as software and management. I have even incorporated my creative skills in a digital workspace. CEB helps me continually expand my skill set by asking me to develop new ways to share our insights using top-notch tools.

What events have you done with your team that enhanced your work life?
I always find it interesting to interact with coworkers on a more personal level. There are aspects of people you don't often get to see day-to-day at work. Our annual bowling event, for example, always provides a chance to get creative and team up for some fun.

Meet Margot

How did you first hear about CEB and why did you accept a position with the firm?
I heard about CEB through James Madison University’s career site. I accepted my position based on my understanding of the vibrant company culture and exciting career development opportunities.

When you think of your career at CEB what excites you the most?
Looking back at how far I have come, it is exciting that I have reached one of my career goals. I know I have a great foundation to succeed in my new role, but I also look forward to continuing to learn the skills and commercial knowledge to become a top performing sales person at CEB.

What hobbies do you have?
I like to spend my free time outdoors--kayaking, biking, running, and also shopping! CEB’s Washington, DC office is very close to Georgetown, so it’s easy to go kayaking, running, or biking after work. We have had special incentive campaigns to qualify for a day of shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue, and we had a stylist from Stella & Dot come to the office for a trunk show.