We Believe in the Force of Ideas

A great idea—one that is right, proven, and actionable—has the potential to change the fortunes of an individual, a company, or even the world. That’s what keeps CEBers coming back every day to gather more data, run more analyses, debate more results, and, sometimes, tear it all up and start over again.

We Work with Exceptional Colleagues

We are a company of contrarian thinkers and problem solvers, of academic geeks and passionate inventors. Our success depends on finding the next great idea in business and the next thousand ideas after that. We stay hungry and curious. We never settle for “good enough” when “groundbreaking” is still waiting to be found.

We Believe in Making an Impact

You’ll feel it right away. It’s a buzzy, energetic, infectious but somehow intangible thing that permeates our offices and radiates from our people. We call it the Spirit of Generosity. It’s in the way we serve our members—intuitively and relentlessly. It’s in the way we collaborate with each other—selflessly and unconditionally. It’s in the way we pour back hours into the communities where we live and work.

When #CEBGivesBack, amazing happens. See how we show our Spirit of Generosity in our 2015 Community Impact Report.

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We Believe You Should Never Stop Growing

No two years in the corporate world are ever the same. That simple truth is at the center of our business model, enabling us to provide unparalleled insights and value to our members. As their worlds change, so does ours. We reshape and stretch ourselves to fit the needs of our members, and as we do, we reshape our careers as well.

We Live to Learn

CEBers seek out new responsibilities, invite challenges, and reach beyond what is comfortable. When they do, we are there to propel them with formal training, mentoring, and coaching. We recognize their achievements with incentives, experiences, and rewards. There is no one too inexperienced to have something to teach or too tenured to have something new to learn.