Building a Beautiful Mosaic

As the firm’s newest diversity and inclusion group, CEB Mosaic is designed to include, support, and develop staff members from all cultural and racial identities. The name ‘CEB Mosaic’ came out of an internal naming challenge. Michele Norris, of NPR and the Race Card Project, suggested it to employees who were in the nascent stages of starting the group. And, the name fit—perfectly. Just as a mosaic is a beautiful pattern produced by arranging materials of all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, we encourage a pattern of behavior that is respectfully inclusive of everyone.

The CEB Mosaic Team

Embracing Diversity & Inclusion

Our research shows that embracing diversity and inclusion can bring a broader range of mindsets into an organization, lead to better business outcomes, and impact team collaboration. That is why diversity in background, perspective, and thought helps us better understand the needs of our members and clients, and is critical to our success and valued by our staff.

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Planning for a Bright Future

Before launching CEB Mosaic, we asked our employees to help us shape the group’s mission and strategy. Based on their guidance, we’ve focused our resources and programming on community building, talent attraction and retention, and leadership development opportunities. We’re excited for what the future holds for CEB Mosaic!

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