We Make Companies Better at What They Do

By pooling the collective experience of the more than 300,000 business professionals and 10,000 companies in our member network, we cultivate data- and fact-based insights about corporate performance. These insights then allow us to develop research, analytic tools, and solutions that empower corporate leaders to unlock the potential of their organizations and people.

We Hire Exceptional People

Every aspect of our product depends on the people we hire to conceive it, research it, extract it, and shape it into something ready to be consumed and acted on. We rely on the exceptional talent of our global teams to deliver, illuminate, inject, and embed our product into the minds and businesses of our members when they need it most.

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We Lead with Insight

CEB's rigorous scientific approach to corporate management allows us to confidently guide our members and clients as they:

  • Identify, develop, and motivate high performers.
  • Transform employee and business performance through workforce analytics.
  • Save time, reduce IT costs, and ensure new technologies drive value.
  • Build a pipeline of network leaders ready for tomorrow's challenges.
  • Let go of the notion that customers need to be delighted.

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We Know Talent

CEB offers the largest portfolio of more than 1,000 off-the-shelf assessments that precisely measure skills, behavior, and performance and accurately predict potential for all major job categories.

Through CEB Talent Assessment, we address an increasing concern about how to manage and leverage talent to achieve business goals. Our insights address the entire employee life cycle, helping executives realize and unlock the full potential of their people.

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We Make an Impact

When we do our jobs well, we have the power to change the fortunes of an entire company, a region’s economy, or the world. When you do that, people notice—including Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and The Economist.

As good as it feels to be in a magazine, it feels even better to be in the pocket of a C-level executive who is ready to make decisions.

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From Our CEO

Read this LinkedIn Influencer article penned by our CEO, Tom Monahan, to learn more about what we do at CEB.