Member Impact

We define ourselves by the achievements of those we serve and believe that advancement of member interest is the only route to our own success. We are effective stewards of members’ contributions and confidences, and we relentlessly innovate to delight our current and future members.

Force of Ideas

We believe that great ideas—acute insights rooted in microeconomics and informed by human behavior—are essential to those accomplishments that change the fortunes of an individual, an organization, or the world. We discover and create these ideas and enable members and colleagues to act on them by delivering them in timely, targeted, and memorable ways.

CEB Mission & Values

Stewardship of Exceptional Talent

Our ambitions demand that we invest unusual effort in recruiting, developing, and managing exceptional talent from diverse backgrounds. We foster an entrepreneurial culture that enables outsized individual and team impact, grows businesses, and creates compelling careers. We set aspirational objectives, measure outcomes, reward outstanding accomplishments, and readily reinvent how we work.

Spirit of Generosity

We forge relationships with our members and with each other that go beyond the merely commercial. Our businesses center on generous exchange, both between professional peers and between our staff and our members. We derive honest joy from the opportunity to serve our members, our colleagues, and our communities.

Our Mission

To unlock the potential of organizations and leaders by advancing the science and practice of management