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Why IT Chiefs of Staff are Shaping Business Strategy

With digitization such a core part of almost every big company's corporate strategy, a number of the jobs that IT chiefs of staff are now responsible for have a direct impact on corporate performance

Nearly half of all IT chiefs of staff say they want to get more involved in helping to set business strategy, but only 28% say they are currently involved in this process, according to CEB data.

What they don’t realize is that they already play an important role in business strategy, and with digitization bringing technology strategy to the fore for the vast majority of companies, the opportunities to take an even bigger role will only increase.

Digitization is changing the role of the CIO; they spend more time on senior corporate-level discussions and finding opportunities for technology to improve the product, channel, and operations of the entire company then they ever did.

And this shift means the role of the chief of staff becomes even more important – two-thirds of companies now have a chief of staff in seat, up from well under half last year – as the CIO delegates many of the “business of IT” activities to the chief of staff.

Corporate Performance and the IT Chief of Staff

In this climate, those business of IT activities are becoming more and more important for more than just the IT function. Developing the IT strategic plan, managing the IT budget, and designing sourcing strategy are not just critical activities the chief of staff undertakes for IT, they directly affect how the company performs.

Chiefs of staff need to think about the wider business and technology landscape as they create these plans, documenting their assumptions to assess whether their analysis is still valid or based on outdated assumptions.

And, as IT functions look to shift their outdated operating models to support digitization initiatives, creating and implementing new IT functional design will be a real differentiator of company performance. Again, half of all IT chiefs of staff are highly involved with this, according to CEB data.

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