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Why Business Partners Are Failing With Social Media

As leaders have recognized the risks associated with unrestricted creation of new social media accounts — choosing low ROI activities, diluting the company’s overall social presence, poorly worded messages —  Communications has stepped up to support business partners. They have the resources and content knowledge necessary to run the accounts day-to-day. Communications has the channel expertise, message planning experience, and insight into the latest social trends that make us the logical adviser and coach.

In talking to members, we’ve focused on two primary challenges of acting as consultant to business partners using social media:

1. Social Media Opportunity Selection

Challenge: Business partners select low-impact social media opportunities because they overestimate the benefits and underestimate the resources necessary to execute. Failing to think through audience, strategy, and required resources before launching accounts leads to unfocused use of social media that quickly loses steam.

Solution: Help business partners consider objectives, strategy, and resource requirements before they begin using accounts so that they place good bets and are more deliberate in their use of social channels from the beginning.

Proposed CEC Resource: A Social Media Opportunity Selection Worksheet that walks business partners through the objectives, audience, content planning, and monitoring requirements of social accounts to help them consider where and whether to invest in social media, plus a conversation guide for Communicators working with them.

2. Enabling Ongoing Use of Social Media

Challenge: After accounts are established, it’s hard to continue creating and finding a consistent stream of relevant content to keep stakeholders engaged. Account owners are time constrained and may miss content opportunities from elsewhere in the organization.

Solution: Make it easier for account owners to spot content that they wouldn’t naturally have seen but is relevant to their audience through networked content planning and distribution.

Proposed CEC Resource: The principles of networked content planning and a showcase of how members have successfully enabled account owners to source content through collaborative content planning and sharing adaptable and ready-to-use content.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments if you’ve faced other challenges in acting as a consultant to business partners looking to invest in social media.


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