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The Compensation Moments That Matter

According to CEB’s latest Global Workforce Insights report, compensation remains the top driver of employee value proposition. Five Drivers of Attraction:

  1. Compensation (47.5%)
  2. Work-Life Balance (39.9%)
  3. Stability (35.4%)
  4. Location (32.4%)
  5. Respect (31.7%)

In fact, delivering a strong employee value proposition at your organization can result in positive financial firm impact:

  • 50% decrease in the compensation premium required to attract employees
  • 11 percentage point decrease in  their annual turnover

However, our research finds that employees generally have a negative view of their pay – more than three-fourths of employees believe pay decisions are based on poor information, and half of employees believe they are paid below market when they are not.

In an an effort to help employees better understand their pay plans, most organizations increase the amount of pay information they share with their employees. However, increasing pay transparency is not leading to positive pay perceptions. 

The best companies, instead, focus on the moments that matter in the employee life cycle: the offer, onboarding, manager pay conversations, and promotions.

We will explore this topic further as well as other critical priorities for Redefining the High-Performance Organization at the CEB Summit for HR Executives 2014 (17 September, Chicago; 7-8 October, London). The summit represents a unique opportunity to access best practices and insight-based benchmarks for tackling key human capital challenges, network with a broad peer group, and gain innovative approaches to lead HR into the future. Timed to coincide with strategic planning season, the event allows you to confirm your 2015 priorities and plan and evaluate strategies with peers. The summit is exclusively for global heads of HR at large enterprises and members of his/her leadership team including heads of Learning & Development, Recruiting, Talent Management, Compensation, Benefits, and Total Rewards. Request Your Seat For ChicagoRequest Your Seat For London

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