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Stay on Top of Key Drivers of Economic Performance

To help you better assess performance, set direction for improvement, build a business case, and compare yourself against global benchmarks, CEB TowerGroup has launched a new Data and Trends  tab across the main landing page of all our websites. Situated between our CEB TowerGroup Edge blog and Technology Analysis, this rich resource provides a user-friendly interface to access four categories of content:

  1. Consumer Trends — Links to our proprietary Consumer Financial Monitor, which tracks consumer financial sentiment and activity in a survey of over 8,000 consumers across ten countries each quarter. Use our findings to uncover segment and regional trends, discover the major drivers of product demand, and establish global benchmarks within key consumer indicators.
  2. Economic Trends — Links to our proprietary, Business Barometer Report, which takes a forward-looking view on key drivers of economic performance in the financial services industry. Use our quarterly report to understand executives’ expectations regarding revenue growth and cost pressures in their companies and industry. In addition, our Country Profiles contain information on demographic and economic characteristics, financial services landscape, IT trends, as well as consumers’ sentiments and product purchases for 24 leading economies.
  3. Employee Engagement and Performance — Links to our proprietary Global Labor Market Briefing, which provides insight into employee value propositions, organizational volatility, business confidence, and employee engagement and integrity on a quarterly basis. This research brief provides labor market intelligence to inform your global recruiting strategy.
  4. Technology Trends — Contains our proprietary Technology Analyses, Technology Spending, Adoption and Investment, and IT Roadmap reports to facilitate making better technology and business decisions.

We believe our compendium of resources will allow you to better solve challenges across product strategy, industry alignment, sales effectiveness, and marketing influence by:

  • Utilizing our end-user data to validate strategic assumptions
  • Injecting emerging capital markets business trends into product roadmap planning
  • Increasing awareness of your brand and build standing in the capital markets industry
  • Educating your leadership team on capital markets business issues and senior executive challenges

If you have questions or would like to learn more about any of these diagnostics and reports, please contact your CEB Primary Analyst or Account Executive.

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