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The 6 Competencies Your Teams Need

As the procurement function evolves, employees need a broader range of skills

Procurement employees use different skills to tackle the requirements of their jobs, from the ability to think creatively to relying on strong networks to building in-depth expertise.

These skills fall into six groupings, or competencies (see chart 1), according to CEB research.

The Six Competencies of Procurement

Chart 1: The six competencies of procurement  Source: CEB analysis

So which competency is most important?

It’s a trick question. Procurement teams need strong performance in all six areas to move on from the function’s traditional transactional image and succeed as a more strategic department. As chart 2 shows, all competencies have a significant effect on strategic performance.

Maximum Impact of Staff Competencies on their Contribution to Strategic Performance

Chart 2: Maximum impact of staff competencies on their contribution to strategic performance  Source: CEB analysis

Most Procurement functions expect staff to demonstrate their facility with multiple competencies (see the competency model for a category manager from a food and beverage company in chart 3).

Sample Procurement Competency Model

Chart 3: Sample competency model for a category manager from a food and beverage company (click image to enlarge)  Source CEB analysis


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4 Responses

  • The indicators are on point and very educative

  • David de Knoop says:

    In our government department we are currently listing the needed procurement competencies for the next years.

    The CEB list is spot-on and a perfect summary of all the competencies that we had thought out (also when you are in public procurement)

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