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How to Improve Your Customer Service

There are four types of improvement to work on

Shared services teams understandably want to improve the service they give to their internal customers – the many teams and functions they work with across the firm. Many use a form of “improvement management” to identify areas where they could serve customers better and implement the required changes.

Chart 1 shows the four types of improvement that shared services teams need to work on to provide good customer service. As teams group their improvement efforts into these categories, it may reveal that they spend too much time or money on one category or that they’re working on projects that don’t help achieve long-term customer service goals.

Matrix for classifying types of improvements in shared services

Chart 1: Matrix for classifying types of improvements in shared services  Source: CEB anlaysis

Common Pitfalls and Keys to Success

When establishing or evaluating a shared services improvement management framework, there are some common pitfalls to avoid and other things to make sure you do (see chart 2).

Pitfalls and keys to success in improving shared services

Chart 2: Pitfalls and keys to success in improving shared services  Source: CEB analysis

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