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4 Ways Digitization Will Affect the Function

Digitization is one of the most fundamental shifts in business; all functions will have to accommodate it

Digitization has been sweeping through the business world for the past half decade, and will continue to fundamentally reshape what customers want, and the way that companies provide it, for decades to come. Managers therefore cannot ignore or dismiss digitization, but learn how to take advantage of it.

Digital advancements are increasingly infiltrating the way shared service centers do their work. There are four digital shifts that shared services leaders need to be prepared to tackle (see chart 1). Each of them present shared services organizations (SSOs) with challenges and opportunities to support their companies and provide a better service to their colleagues.

Chart 1: Implications of the digital business context for shared services  Source: CEB analysis

Robot Reboot

One way that many shared services teams have certainly embraced digitization is with the implementation of robotics software, which promises a new and more cost-effective way of providing the right service for a digitizing company.

In fact, nearly half of companies’ SSOs are already evaluating robotic opportunities. And it’s easy to understand why; there are countless ways robotics can be applied, and managers don’t necessarily need a huge budget or a consultant to tackle implementation. Companies who have successfully implemented robotic solutions have seen a variety of cost and productivity benefits (see chart 2).

Chart 2: Robotics strengthens and accelerates Shared Services’ ability to support customer needs  Source: CEB analysis


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