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How to Improve the Customer Experience with Good Communication

Failing to meet customers’ expectations is often due to inconsistent messaging rather than poor product quality. Corporate Quality functions can help with this

Businessman Shouting from Cliff to Cliff Communicating AudienceThe majority of companies consistently struggle to meet customers’ expectations, but often the issue is more one of getting customer communication right than actually improving the quality of a firm’s products or services.

Corporate Quality teams can work with their business partners to correct these communications and CEB Quality Leadership Council membership showed that customers are trying to accomplish two important things when they buy its lighting products: reduce their energy costs and leave a minimal impact on the environment. The company uses every touchpoint to highlight three aspects of the customer experience.

  1. Teach customers the specific value they are gaining: The company trains sales reps and distributors to teach customers the environmental benefits of its products.

    It also created an online calculator that showed the energy and CO2 savings generated by switching to its products.

  2. Help potential customers picture the experience: The company provided dealers with displays of one of its lamps and a competitor’s lamps attached to wattage meters demonstrating energy savings.

    It also opened interactive teaching centers to help customers understand how they could use environmentally responsible lighting in practical situations.

  3. Reinforce the main product message, which is crucial to long purchase-cycle environments: The products’ spec sheets list their environmental characteristics; invoices highlight customers’ energy savings.

    The company also used green visuals in its product messaging to signal its lamps’ high efficiency and low mercury properties.

As well as reminding customers how a product contributes to whatever it is they’re attempting to do, companies must make sure the communications are backed by evidence. Another Quality function at a global sportswear manufacturer in the CEB Quality membership works closely with the firm’s engineering team to make sure the company’s messaging about product quality is valid. The Quality team tests the products to verify that they meet the performance standards advertised in marketing campaigns.

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