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Podcast: What 2016 Holds for Learning & Development Teams

L&D teams will need to make learning fit employees' less structured working lives, and help them thrive in a more collaborative culture

The growing demands for employees to be more productive in recent years has meant people’s working days seem increasingly busy (even if the extra work isn’t always productive) and make them feel they have little time for formal learning courses.

While outside of their working life, employees are now used to consuming information in more bite sized and personalized formats. Instead of watching an hour long news program, they can easily find the top headlines on social media, for example. Employees, therefore, want quick, on-the-go content, and are eager for learning and development solutions that are increasingly mobile and individualized.

Finally, the need for employees to collaborate far more means learning needs to be more social. Employees now tend to report to a higher number of people in “matrixed” reporting structures and often must work with colleagues that they have never met or have much in common with (an engineer in Australia and a risk manager in Finland, say). This increasingly collaborative environment offers new challenges and opportunities for learning and development executives.

Mark Van Buren, practice leader of the CEB Learning and Development Leadership Council, discusses these trends and what they’ll mean for L&D professionals next year.

Use this link to listen to the full podcast or click play below.


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