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Podcast: How HR Can Speed-Up The Hiring Process

Some of the world's best recruiting teams do three things to get people in seat more quickly

Big companies are bigger than they’ve ever been before and include more people who must sign off on a given decision. Among other things, this makes buying from vendors and selling to other companies hard, and it’s also slowed down the recruiting process.

The average time it takes for a recruiting team to fill a position is now over 60 days – about a month more than it was five years ago. This is not only because more people are involved in the process but also because hiring requirements are more complex too. And all this can mean less savvy firms lose talent to competitors and waste an average of $11.25 million per 1,000 vacancies in lost productivity and additional recruiting work.

In this podcast, Dion Love, principal executive advisor at CEB, discusses the effect of these changes and talks about those teams that have learned to speed up the process without jeopardizing quality. In particular, they do three things.

  1. Manage recruiter workloads better.

  2. Align the recruiting process around important connections in the firm.

  3. Improve the way hiring decisions get made.

Use this link to listen to the full podcast or click play below.

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