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Next Sales Visit: Act Like You've Been There Before

Sales Meeting PreparationIn today’s complex world of selling, every commercial interaction counts and sales professionals can’t afford to not be on top of their game.  As a result, it’s critical that sellers are fully prepared for customer meetings and are consistently applying Challenger™ principles proven to drive sales and loyalty.  However, it’s easy to inadvertently forget critical sales training and techniques when situations become complex or stressful; you find yourself reverting back to old habits and lose your chance to influence the buyer.  We all know that on-the-job reinforcement and coaching have a tremendous impact on the retention of new skills.  However – most companies struggle ensure these invaluable activities are taking place.

It might sound easy to leave it to managers to provide the coaching their sellers need to become Challengers, but the reality is that they are simply not available to hear every pitch, join every ride along, or provide feedback in the moment to support seller development.  This leads to sellers practicing in live meetings with clients, getting feedback at the expense of a lost opportunity.   Without visibility into daily execution on the front lines or a mechanism to efficiently share the best sales techniques across teams, leaders are often forced to rely on sheer faith that their managers are reliably coaching those who need it most.

Further, sellers that are sharpening their ability to teach, tailor, and take control are hungry to learn from their peers – who are rarely located in the same office.  On the other hand, the best sellers have perfected their commercial insights, but sharing that delivery to the rest of the commercial team is really difficult.  There needs to be another form of support.

CEB recently introduced video technology that helps sales teams and managers distribute what good Challenger™ selling looks like and deploy video-based programs for sellers to practice and sharpen sales execution. Leading organizations are turning to this offering since it’s an ideal medium, sellers can practice Challenger techniques in virtual and live settings, and manager coaching scales as they can instantly view seller performance and provide real time feedback.  Organizations are implementing this capability to do the following:

  • Scale sales coaching to reinforce behavior change.  The capability to observe many sellers allows managers to easily deliver coaching by feedback and strengthen their ability to accurately coach to the Challenger selling model.
  • Embed Challenger skills into rep workflow. Structured practice sessions let sellers safely practice techniques, receive peer and manager feedback, and share examples of great selling in action. This ensures sellers are applying Challenger principles to their actual opportunities and interactions.
  • Improve delivery of disruptive Commercial Insights.  Insight practice sessions help sellers learn, tailor, and sharpen new insights, which are easily captured and distributed.

When managers can focus the team’s reinforcement to become customer ready and sales professionals can safely practice Challenger selling techniques and, every sales interaction will become one that they have already nailed.


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