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Lessons Learned from Amazon: 10 Steps to Create a High Performance Culture

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the Amazon story, a strong culture is important

Amazon screenshotThe debate over organization culture came to the forefront of discussion after The New York Times published a behind the scenes look at Amazon’s culture.  While there is some debate about the accuracy of the story, there is no debate that Amazon has built a strong culture.

What is also true is that, without that culture, it is highly unlikely Amazon would have grown has fast as it has since it was founded in 1994. And it’s unlikely that the culture at Amazon can be replicated elsewhere. But asking if the culture at Amazon is the right one, misses the point.

It works for them and it would likely not work for others. The real question managers should be asking themselves is, “What should I be doing to build the culture that my organization needs to be successful?”

If you are looking to create a more effective performance driven culture, here are 10 steps:

  1. Hire for the right fit.

  2. Create greater clarity between roles and objectives.

  3. Clarify the link between pay and performance.

  4. Help managers provide constructive feedback.

  5. Provide on-the-job-learning opportunities.

  6. Empower employees to improve the organization.

  7. Build connections that allow employees to better execute work activities

  8. Align employee interests with job opportunities

  9. Remove organizational barriers to manager effectiveness and impact

  10. Redirect leader behaviors to meet changing business need

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