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L&D’s Role in Reducing Misconduct

Today’s new work environment is characterized by frequent organizational change. In fact, 84% of companies experienced at least one significant companywide change over the past two years, and more than 65% experienced multiple company-wide changes.

CEB research found changes in employees’ work environment — dubbed “career moments”— can disrupt established patterns of workplace behavior and increase the risk of misconduct. High-change environments, where employees experience multiple career moments during a year, can have as much as three times the amount of misconduct as more stable work environments.

How Can your Organizational Leaders Reduce Employee Misconduct by 42%?

There are three key steps that executives should base their risk management efforts on: 1) understand, prioritize, and address the highest-risk career moments; 2) integrate and reinforce ethics in change management strategies; and 3) help managers during career moments with targeted tools and resources.

The L&D function can play an important role in driving ethical behavior and reducing employee misconduct. L&D should focus on three opportunities to help lay the foundations of ethical employee behavior and decision making, as well as to provide support to compliance and legal:

  • Exchange Best Practices – share the function’s expertise on learning design, transfer, and application with compliance and legal teams.
  • Embed Ethics into Development Interventions – build ethical leadership and ethical conduct into learning programs.
  • Ensure Your Team Models High Ethical Member Standards – speak to team members about the importance of ethical behavior and reinforcing that across the organization.

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