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JetBlue’s Story – Part of our Integrated Talent Management Practices Blog Series

We had the pleasure of speaking with Bonny Simi, Vice President of Talent at JetBlue Airways Corporation, about her experience successfully integrating talent management practices to achieve greater returns in quality of hire, leadership bench strength, and other key talent metrics. Below is an excerpt of the interview; view the full video interview here.

Bonny Simi, Vice President, Talent

Bonny Simi:

We are very forward-thinking on integrating talent management, and came into the practice and decided what would work best for us in integrating all of our talent practices.

“But then the thought was, ‘Well, are we doing it right? Because this is just what we think works for us.’

“For us, we’ll use the CEB membership to validate that the direction we’re headed in is the correct one.

“When we bring it to the CFO, we say ‘This is the direction we’re heading.’ [The CFO responds,] ‘Well, how do you know that’s the right way?’ [We reply,] ‘Well, here are 27 other companies that have done it this way.’

“Or ‘We’re forward-thinking. We’ve checked and verified with all of these other companies.’

“It just works to know that the direction we are headed in is the right one.”


To get data-based guidance and best practices like those JetBlue’s HR team uses to build the business case for integrated talent management, download a complimentary copy of our white paper “Five Common Mistakes in Integrated Talent Management”.

Also, read another integrated talent management story here – this one from B/E Aerospace, Inc.

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