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Infographic: Why You Should Care About Data Privacy

Stopping confidential data leaking out of a company, either through malice or mistake, has never been more difficult or more costly for companies if there is a breach

The threat of confidential data on employees, customers, or suppliers being lost or stolen is at the forefront of many senior executives’ minds, and for good reason.

Not only are data breaches becoming more costly to companies – at an average of $4 million per breach – but difficult to contain in increasingly global companies where employees are able to work remotely far more easily than ever before, and often encouraged to work with more autonomy than ever before.

The infographic below puts some data behind the size of the problem and the most likely causes. Fill out this form to download the full research on how to protect your company from the hidden causes of data privacy failures, and reap the benefits of big data.


The Rising Importance of Data Privacy Infographic


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