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IT: Have You Got a Healthy Culture?

IT employees will have to cope with a lot of change over the next few years; is your IT function ready? managers are spending increasing amounts of their own budgets on technology investments, or so-called “shadow IT.” But shadow IT, isn’t in the shadows at all; in fact, the majority of IT experimentation now occurs outside the CIO’s budget.

The problem is that few IT staff are ready to harness this type of business-led IT.

After more than a decade of standardization and centralization, 94% of IT employees are too risk adverse and focused on process over ideas. To help staff support business-led IT, CIOs should a create a culture in corporate IT that is open to ideas and leadership from outside the function. This means changing IT employees’ shared perceptions of their work. Done well, efforts to change IT’s climate ultimately encourage deeper changes in IT’s culture.

Take the quiz below to learn if you have the right climate for encouraging business-led IT and making it successful:

For more, read “Building a Climate of Openness in IT” or our Executive Guidance report – ‘From Shadow IT to Business-Led IT’.

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