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How to Start a Corporate Compliance Liaison Program

First, show those who can be most helpful how it will benefit them

Handshake SilhouetteA compliance liaison program relies on the cooperation of people throughout the company to succeed.

Not everyone will intuitively understand the value of a liaison network for Compliance. Some will have reservations, which compliance professionals will have to address and demonstrate why they’re wrong or inflated.

Different arguments will resonate with different constituencies. Chart 1 shows a list of reasons that can be used to counter concerns from the people who’d have to approve a new liaison program (corporate leaders like the CEO, members of the board, and potentially the GC), people who would enable liaisons to actually do their job (regional managers and business line leaders), and functions that would make the program a success, like HR and Legal.

Reasons to Counter Concerns About a Compliance Liaison Program

Chart 1: Reasons to counter concerns about a compliance liaison program  Source: CEB analysis


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