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Cushman & Wakefield Interview: Challenges Facing HR Business Partners

We spoke with Joyce Phillips, former Executive Vice President and Global Head of Human Resources, from Cushman & Wakefield Inc. about the biggest challenges facing the organization’s HR Business Partners (HRBPs).


Joyce highlights three areas that the organization is focused on from an HRBP standpoint:

  1. Understanding where HR needs to be more strategic and the needs of the business
  2. Identifying the types of talent they need for today and in the next few years
  3. Defining the organization’s culture, with a focus on leadership

To Joyce’s first point, our research finds that 75% of organizations expect HR Business Partners to be strategic partners to the line. So it’s not surprising that many have invested in training and development as well as sourcing to improve strategic effectiveness of their HRBP population:

  • 71% of HRBPs have received formal training on critical job skills
  • Organizations are paying a lot for top HRBP talent – HRBPs that are effective at strategic activities make 36% more than average HRBPs

Despite these increased investments, there has been little progress. In fact, less than one-fifth of HRBPs are viewed as strategically effective – an HRBP’s effectiveness, in the eyes of their line partner, at strategic activities such as identifying talent management needs and tailoring talent management solutions for the business unit.

Learn about the critical steps to increase the strategic effectiveness of HRBPs and boost performance.

This is part 2 of a 4 part blog series. Stay tuned for an interview with HR executives from Emirates Group and Sears Holdings Corporation coming soon.

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