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CEB Internal Communications Awards Winners and Highly Commended Entries

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Over 150 communicators got together in the elegant ballroom of the Sheraton Park Lane hotel in central London last Thursday night for the CEB Internal Communications Awards. The winners for each category – along with their projects that impressed the judges – and the teams that were highly commended are listed below.

Attendees at the CEB Internal Communications Summit, which takes place in London on 10-12 October will also have the opportunity to hear from some of the winners and finalists in person . So far, confirmed companies speaking at the summit include: ING, GSK, Aggreko Plc, Just Group Plc, MyCSP, HSBC, CAE, and Stonewater.

  • Small Idea, Big Impact

    • Winner: MultiChoice – This South African comms team engaged employees with their new customer-centric strategy by encouraging people to tackle the 99 frustrations customers face most frequently. The judges praised the way Multichoice has created a clever way to engage staff members—particularly non-wired employees who are always tough to reach—through gamification, with impressive results.

    • Highly commended: E.ON UK

  • Expert Leadership and Manager Communications

    • Winner: Infosys BPO Ltd – The company’s comms team oversees a collection of highly customized programs that serve distinct employee groups and ensure that every employee is connected to leadership in a way that’s relevant and meaningful. The judges appreciated how they were to help decrease employee attrition, and also commended the concept of “reverse mentoring” — a good employee listening opportunity for leaders versus typical ‘engagement’ or dialogue tactics.

    • Highly commended: Thomson Reuters

  • Innovation in Digital, Social, and Mobile Communications

    • Winner: HealthSouth – 90% of HealthSouth’s employees are non-wired (hospital-based). Thus, the comms team developed an employee app, called Hive, following rigorous employee research, such as creating personas for stakeholder groups, to inform the project. They ran a phased rollout including a pilot, containing a range of tactics, and gathered substantial feedback to add improvements. Employees are now able to access information faster, and that has resulted in impressive early adoption figures.

  • Strategic Employee Research and Insight

    • Winner: Queensland Urban Utilities – Tasked with designing and delivering a powerful, strategic safety campaign, this team lacked insight on how leaders influenced employee safety motivation and behaviors, so they undertook cutting-edge psychology research, in cooperation with a leading university, to gather and analyze the data they needed to adapt, refine, and focus their communications on specific internal audiences. 

  • Excellence in Change Communication

    • Winner: CAE – This team drove a series of operational and process improvements that were essential for the company to maintain its market dominance in an environment of heightened competition. The judges were impressed by the number of good tactics in this entry that are all linked to clear business drivers, strategic thought, and planning at the outset, with Comms holding a seat at the decision-making table.

    • Highly commended: HSBC

  • Building a Powerful Corporate Brand

    • Winner: Liberty Mutual Insurance – The company embarked on a rebrand and developed new ways to communicate its purpose, goals, and strategies to employees. The #PeaceofMind campaign brought the new brand and purpose to life, raised awareness, educated and engaged stakeholders, and eventually received full endorsement from employees.

    • Highly commended: Aggreko Plc

  • Lean Team of the Year

    • Winner: Citrix – During a period of significant organizational change, this small but determined team developed meaningful, integrated plans and tactics that drove the company’s new strategy and maximized efficiency. Their work directly increased line of sight, improved employee perception of Citrix, strongly influenced corporate stabilization, and led to across-the-board spikes in satisfaction and engagement.

    • Highly commended: Tieto

  • Large Team of the Year

    • Winner: Nielsen – This team, which serves 42,000 associates in 106 countries, led the way as the company reshaped its culture by changing its values. They launched a new brand campaign, replacing internal technology and tools, and revamping the annual leadership meeting.

    • Highly commended: Westpac Group

  • Internal Communicator of the Year

    • Winner: Erica Crosling, Cricket Communications – The judges thought Erica made a measurable difference for Cricket in the face of a couple of headwinds. First, she created a new Comms function and then helped the company navigate an acquisition by a much bigger organization, overseeing all change communication.


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  • CEB Internal Communications Summit

    Join us in London on October 10-12 and hear from a range of experienced communicators, including those at ING, GSK, Aggreko Plc, Just Group Plc, MyCSP, HSBC, CAE, and Stonewater.

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