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Brian Kropp
CEB Staff

Brian Kropp

Executive Director

Dr. Brian Kropp oversees the CEB lines of business that support chief human resources officers, heads of compensation, and heads of benefits.  He also has responsibility for CEBs growing businesses that support heads of HR in emerging markets. Brian has authored more than 40 studies at CEB, lead more than 200 strategy sessions with executive teams at Fortune 100 companies as well as lead more than 300 executive education sessions across the globe.

Prior to joining the CEB in 2002, Brian worked for a variety of research institutions, and has taught courses in economics, policy analysis, and quantitative methods at the University of North Carolina.  He has been published in several books, academic journals, and other periodicals.

Brian also sits on the board of a non-profit dedicated toward childhood education: Read to a Child!. He holds a Ph.D. in Policy Analysis from the University of North Carolina and a M.A., and B.S. in Economics from Clemson University, and lives in Falls Church, VA with his wife and 3 young children.