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Daniel Herd
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Daniel Herd

Research Director

Dan is a Director and Executive Advisor for CEB Risk Management Leadership Council. In this role, Dan advises members—senior risk management and strategy professionals from Fortune 500 companies across a range of industries—on the development of their risk management teams and processes, including how to use risk management for strategic advantage and to drive corporate performance.

Dan was previously a Public Policy Director at CEB and Director of the Legal, Risk & Compliance Practice’s NewsDesk. In addition to helping risk management teams solve their day-to-day challenges, Dan uses his extensive experience around how public policy decisions affect the private sector to provide dedicated advisory support and expert, peer-based analysis on all legislative and regulatory risks. Dan has also worked as a Public Policy Analyst for a market intelligence firm and worked at Aon Consulting providing recommendations and analysis of mutual funds and alternative investments to investment committees for corporate retirement plans.

Dan graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and holds a MBA from Mercer University—Stetson School of Business.