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Alejandra Lozada
CEB Staff

Alejandra Lozada

Senior Director

Alejandra Lozada is a senior member of CEB’s product management team in charge of CEB’s Leadership Transition Support initiatives.

Alejandra advises C-suite leaders on how to manage their transitions. Her research helps new-to-role leaders identify the key actions they can take to dramatically boost the likelihood of transition success and to decrease potential productivity losses associates to their transitions.

Alejandra helps leaders address the key challenges associated to transitioning to a new role: improving organizational intelligence, setting a vision for the new team, driving change, measuring progress and building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders. Given that more than 25% of executives turn every year, effectively addressing these challenges can improve the business results not only of the new leaders but also of their organizations.

Alejandra has been part of the CEB team for more than thirteen years and prior to her current role, she managed CEB’s European Finance practice which grew tenfold during her tenure. She oversaw the research, product development, and client advisory functions and advised senior Finance executives in the areas of corporate finance, talent management, finance function productivity and risk management and mitigation. She was also in charge of talent development for CEB’s Finance team based in India.

Alejandra has an Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (with Honors) from Georgetown University and has conducted additional studies at Oxford University, Le Group ESSEC and HEC. She is fluent in Spanish and English and has knowledge of German, French, and Portuguese. She is also a trained photographer and co-hosts a weekly art radio program.