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Top 10 President’s Club Destinations

If you’re the crème de la crème of your sales organization, chances are you’d qualify for your company’s President’s Club (or Chairman’s Club, or Achiever’s Club).  Yes, it’s the one—and perhaps only—time when the rest of the organization wants to be in your shoes.

Want to know what perks other companies include?  Among other things, our recent benchmarking survey on President’s Clubs identified the top destinations and gifts companies select for President’s Club winners.

Check them out:


Top Destinations Top Gifts
1 Hawaii Apparel
2 Caribbean Crystal Memento
3 Costa Rica Sunglasses
4 Mexico Travel Gear
5 Bahamas Photo Frame
6 Florida Headphones
7 Spain Watch
8 Switzerland Art
9 Thailand Camera
10 US Virgin Islands Books

For most sales organizations, getting some “sun and sand” is the preferred way to go.  And while gifts often relate to things you can use on the trip, what caught our eye was the interest in “Art” down at #8.

Where does your company send its President’s Club winners?  Or if you’ve been lucky enough to go on the trip – do you have any memorable stories to share?

SEC Members, visit the topic center to read the full survey findings, and learn how to manage a President’s Club program. In addition, listen to our latest webinar on the topic on how to motivate and reward your top performers using President’s Club.

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