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3 Types of Strategic Planning Models

Three ways to keep everyone making the right decisions at the right time

Strategists need to plan their strategic planning and, as the process is made-up of so many moving parts and requires the involvement of all senior managers, preparing correctly is imperative.

Below are three examples of strategic planning models that can help with improving a firm’s current processes. Some strategy teams may find themselves creating variations of all three to share with different audiences.

The Timeline:

Timeline model

This simple model outlines big tasks to undertake and the approximate time of year the company will complete them. This allows for flexibility in terms of timing and is easy to communicate but is short on details.

The Calendar:

Calendar model

This model sets specific dates for major strategic planning activities and deadlines, while also specifying different owners for tasks (the senior leadership team and the whole leadership team). This keeps everyone on the same page while the process gets underway.

The Process Map:

This type of model shows the dates when important parts of the process are completed, and even illustrates how different outputs feed into the next step in the process. It’s heavy on detail but can benefit participants by providing both the forest and the trees.


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