We enable HR functional executives and their teams to execute efficiently, benchmark performance against best-in-class metrics, and achieve critical business objectives through successful talent and functional strategies. We provide the guidance and tools that enable business leaders and managers to overcome common challenges, improve their workforce and drive the organization's performance.

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The Economist Talent Management 2015

Get new insights on enterprise leadership, presented 16 June.

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The Employee Performance Paradox

Competing priorities make it hard to achieve breakthrough performance.

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Q2 Global Workforce Insights

Compensation switching premiums increased in the beginning of 2015 for the first time in a decade.

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Find the Gaps. Get the Insights. Execute Faster.

How will you turn your infinite to-do list into great results? Focus on the activities that matter most.

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HR Business Partners

We provide HR business partners tools to build their capabilities and improve their effectiveness at working with the line.

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Searching for Talent

Find talent in unexpected places, before your competitors do. CEB TalentNeuron can inform your talent plans with unmatched data.

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Reinventing Recruiting

Three critical imperatives that Recruiting needs to reinvent itself to make a positive impact on corporate performance.

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